Colour Movements. Elizabeth Gaston, 2013

Colour Movements; different lighting conditions.

Object: Experimental Garments Materials: Wool, filtered light Programming: Brother KH881 Manufacture: Brother KH881 Collaboration: Phoenix Dance Theatre

SMART. How we perceive the colour is influenced by the type of light that illuminates it. By changing the colour of a light source we can manipulate the perceptual colour of an object. How we perceive pattern is influenced by the colour of the pattern. Large contrasts of colour separate areas of pattern whilst similar colour or tone unify areas of pattern. By changing the perceptual colour of a pattern we can change the way we see the pattern.

This garment collection was designed to be viewed under different stage lighting so that the performer appears to wear garments with changing pattern. It was presented in a dance workshop during a collaboration with the Phoenix Dance Theatre.

During the exhibition it is possible to use the light filter to emulate the effects of coloured, performance lighting.


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