Colour: Sails. Elizabeth Gaston, 2019

Object: Sails
Materials: Wool, Filtered light Programming: Shima Seiki Apex 1 Manufacture: Shima Seiki NSSg 5gg

SUSTAINABLE. Textile processing is increasingly unsustainable, for example textile dyeing is experiencing a rising use of water, leading to a scarcity of freshwater globally. There is no single resolution to the problem but using design theory can offer a realistic framework within which to develop solutions.

SMART. Colour: Sails explores the breadth of colour achievable with a limited palette of yarn (so minimising dyeing) when recognised optical effects, for example optical mixing, are observed in different lighting conditions. The fabrics produced are not in themselves functional, except as a communication tool for the knowledge revealed through the design research.

SHAPED. Whitby has an historic association with the textile dying industry. During the early to mid-nineteenth century the alum mining industry in Whitby was at its peak. The alum was used as a mordant to fix textile dyes. The form of Colour:Sails was inspired by the The Weatherill Collection, in particular Whitby Bridge and Custom House, George Weatherill, 1862.


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