Growing Medium. Jane Scott, 2018-19.

Materials: 100% natural fibres. European Linen, 1.5mm Veneer.

Programming: Shima Seiki Apex 1, ApS Ethos.

Manufacture: Shima Seiki NSSG5gg, FB730 Series Lasercutter.

Location: Baltic, Gateshead.

Growing Medium forms part of a series of shape changing installations that use Programmable Knitting. Programmable Knitting is a new biomimicry concept for textiles inspired by botany. In a plant, structure and material is produced simultaneously, adapted for the local environment as the plant grows. This concept has been translated into a design system for textiles, using knitting to develop large scale responsive installations.

SMART. What each piece demonstrates is the potential for textiles composed exclusively from natural fibres to exhibit behaviours conventionally associated with smart synthetics and e-textiles.

SUSTAINABLE. Programmable knitting is composed of 100% natural fibres which are compostable, and biodegrade at end of life. The wood veneer inserts are responsibly sourced.

SHAPED. Shape is created through the    interaction between the knitted fabric and the veneer inserts. The installation changes in shape in response to humidity.


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